Tim Lewis, Headmaster at Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School, Five Ashes

How do you identify and encourage pupils who exhibit creative potential?
“Every child is creative and Skippers provides the perfect environment in which this individual flare is harnessed and allowed to flourish to the best of pupils’ capabilities and needs. As a non-selective school, it is important that children feel valued creatively and we offer a wide range of topics to help support this.”

Aside from Art and Drama lessons, what other creative pursuits are studied during the day?
“We offer ballet lessons as well as a Modern Dance Club that is run by a talented Year 8 pupil! Singing is popular – over 70% of the children are in one of the three School Choirs. Examples of individual music lessons on offer include the violin, piano and drums. DT pupils often take inspiration from the school’s 22 acres of woodlands and fields.”

How are pupils with creative achievements rewarded and developed? “The school has a ‘Starboard’ celebrating the star musician, artist, and sport player for the week. It also commends pupils’ work from lower down in the school. There’s a special Art Club which children are invited to join if they show a particular talent in the subject. BUT, any pupil who has a strong interest in Art can also join too.”

Are pupils offered advice/prepared for a potential future creative career? “Pupils are prepared for Scholarships in the Performing Arts and Art and Design. The staff and I recommend schools for leavers tailored to their particular creative needs.”

To find out more, call 01825 830234 or visit www.skippershill.com.

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