Sean Skehan
Deputy Head (Academic), St Leonards-Mayfield School

Do you offer A Level revision programmes for students outside school hours? We offer revision throughout study leave and after school in the run up to the A Level examinations. During school holidays we trust our students to revise independently, an important skill for university, and to balance work with activities and interests which energise and inspire.

What guidance can you give to students that decide not to continue into higher education? We give very useful guidance as part of our careers programme, using our alumni network to advise on choices and applications.

How do you prepare students for life outside the classroom? Preparing our students for life is the aim of everything we do. Our curriculum, extra-curricular programmes, pastoral care and spiritual life all develop the skills, attitudes and character needed to live a happy and fulfilled adult life.

Do you have any tips for students who are planning to take a gap year? Do something worthwhile and be safe!

What support is on offer during exam periods? The full range of academic, pastoral and spiritual support; subject advice, tips on how to revise, someone to talk to, quiet and reflective places to work, to think and to relax.

St Leonards-Mayfield School is a leading independent Catholic boarding and day school for girls aged 11 to 18.

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