Can you talk us through a typical lunchtime meal?

Every day we offer: a healthy, traditional main course meal using fresh seasonal ingredients; homemade soup and rolls; a freshly prepared salad bar with a choice of protein; pasta or baked potatoes with a choice of fillings; homemade yoghurts, fresh fruit and a traditional dessert.


Are snacks/drinks offered throughout the day; if so, what?

We serve drinks and biscuits during morning break. The Pre-Prep are offered cheese and biscuits or breadsticks. Lots of fresh fruit is always on offer. The older children have an afternoon snack of homemade biscuits or cakes or a savoury snack (cheese on toast, pizza etc.) before settling down to do their prep.


How do you maintain a healthy balance of food?

We always use fresh produce and add extra healthy ingredients e.g. we add pulses to a Bolognese sauce and wholegrain flour might be used in a crumble. There is a lot of choice, so with proper training, encouragement and adult supervision, the children will mostly choose a healthy combination of food for themselves.

Do you still have issues with fussy eaters? How is this overcome?

We can cater for all alternative dietary requirements but we ensure these are for faith or medical reasons not because, “I don’t like that”! There are inevitably some fussy eaters. My staff and I deal with these children on a one-to-one basis offering lots of encouragement. It is very rewarding when we get a child to eat some salad and cucumber every day!

What has proved to be the most popular dish amongst the pupils?

Chinese chicken and noodles is our most popular dish!

We introduce something new every Tuesday and we have themed days – for example we have might have a French day with Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq au Vin and frogs’ legs!

Holmewood House School is an independent, co-educational preparatory school for boys and girls aged three to thirteen in Langton Green. 01892 860000

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