Dee McConkey, the acting Head of Pre-Prep, The Junior King’s School Canterbury

Can you talk us through a typical lunchtime meal?

A typical lunch may be roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and buttered cabbage, carrots and peas with a vegetarian option of stuffed peppers. There will always be a pasta and homemade sauce option with warm garlic bread and salad. Pudding may be homemade apricot crumble and cream. To finish, children are offered a wide selection, often of ten or more, of different fruits – everything from mandarin to mango and plum to passion fruit.

Are snacks/drinks offered throughout the day?

Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day at whatever time they so wish. We have ‘Snack Time’ just after a play which consists of a glass of milk or water and a prepared piece of fruit. Again in the afternoon the children will enjoy another snack of water and a biscuit. Children who engage in after school activities and clubs are offered ‘Tea’. This will consist of a drink, a platter of assorted sandwiches, fruit and homemade cake.

How do you maintain a healthy balance of food?

As part of their class learning, children are taught ‘how to keep themselves healthy’. This includes making healthy choices with their food options. We believe that what is on offer is well balanced and therefore provides a good model for the children to follow.

How do you approach fussy eaters?

Occasionally, we are presented with a suggested ‘fussy eater’. I am delighted to say that within the shortest space of time this ‘fussy eater’ is returned to the parent filled with excitement and zest for new tastes and dishes to try out at home! It really is virtually impossible to not find something that will appeal from that huge variety on offer.

What has proved to be the most popular dish amongst the children?

Undoubtedly, the favourite dish has to be ‘Fish and Chip Friday’. In addition to the regular fish fingers and chips, scampi or salmon there will be additional options of risotto or perhaps cannelloni.

Additionally, I must add that all allergy sufferers share in this wide selection, as ingredients suitable for those with restricted diets are sourced with each individual in mind.

Children can start at Junior King’s Nursery and Pre-Prep in Sturry from age three. To find out more, call 01227 714000 or see

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