A Butterfly Unfurled

When Sally Harrington opens the huge front door of her Kentish weatherboard home I assume that the 1950s bungalow that once stood here was demolished to make way for the new house. “No,” she says, “it’s still in here somewhere,...

Degrees Of Light

Although it’s formidable from the outside, Martyn, a specialist in Russian art, and his partner Käthe have created a calm, family home within. Käthe is an artist and the daughter of renowned artists, Eric Doitch and Mary Fitzpayne.

Taking A View

Making the decision to downsize can be daunting to consider, but Margaret and her husband David seem to have embraced the process.

We’ll Gather Lilacs

At first glance, Edenbridge House looks like something from the pages of a P.G. Wodehouse comedy or Agatha Christie mystery – the kind of rambling, well-appointed country house where well-to-do types gathered for “house-parties”.

Welcome Aboard

On a cold, rainy day, Eileen and Tony’s houseboat offers a ray of sunshine and a stark contrast to the greyness of the landscape of Kings North power station and a restless wintry sea. The boat was bought fourteen years...

Business As Usual

Arriving at John and Sandy Schofield’s house in the heart of the Weald, the welcome is a picturesque one. A flock of pure white doves take off from their dovecote and flutter above our heads before settling on the red...

All’s Fair

Summer and Christmas fairs are held in the house every May and November. The events began fairly modestly but have steadily grown both in size and reputation...

A Rural Retreat

this beautiful three-bay hall house dates back to 1490 with Georgian additions...

Full of Eastern Promise

In the heart of the Weald stands a medieval house, the home of Jemima, her husband and two daughters.

Up The Garden Path

Among the well-kept front gardens of a Wealden high street, the garden of one pretty Georgian villa stands out.