How does the way we look after our skin and hair change as we age? We go straight to the experts for tips, tricks and treatments to maintain optimum condition

Hair… Russell Barradell, owner of William Charles Hair, Tenterden

How does our hair change as we age? As we age our hair ages too. There are many changes in our hair over different periods of our lives. The most common change in our hair is that it can go grey. Hair goes grey due to the lack of melanin production, which gives hair its colour. The texture of the hair can change as well, due to the lack of protein. Grey hair will feel a lot coarser and drier than natural coloured hair. Thinning hair is another major concern as we get older due to the density and volume of the hair decreasing.

Are there any styles or colours I should avoid once I reach 55+? There are not any specific rules on styles for the over 55s. It depends on the individual guest. At William Charles Hair we offer a full consultation to our guests to determine their desired style and colour, which they will be able to manage within their lifestyle.

Does ageing hair need more maintenance? Ageing hair will need more maintenance especially if the guest wants to colour their hair. At William Charles Hair we would recommend repeat appointments every 4-6 weeks to maintain your hair colour and style. Visits to the salon to have treatments is also recommended as this will help drier/coarser hair to feel softer and look shinier.

Could you recommend an essential hair care product/treatment? At Aveda we have a whole range of home care products to manage all hair concerns i.e. colour, dry, and damaged. Some great examples of the products we have are: Invati advanced system, to help guests with thinning hair solutions; Damage remedy range which will reduce breakage by 90% in just 1 week, plus our new Nutri-Plenish range which hydrates the hair for 72 hours after using.

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Skin… Uma Jeyanathan , BDS, MFDS RCS (Ed)

Skin Health & Facial Aesthetics at Bella Vou, Pantiles Clinic

What changes as your skin ages? The skin loses collagen and elastin as we age, this means the plumpness and bounce we see in younger skin diminishes. The skin gets more fragile and thin over time and pigmentation can be more apparent.

Will this affect my skincare regime? We need to tailor our skincare routine to the changes that are happening in the ageing skin. We can use products that will improve collagen stimulation, help thicken the skin and build resilience. There are also skincare products which reduce pigmentation and protect from solar radiation, which contributes to 90% of premature ageing.

Are there any treatments that are particularly beneficial for over 50s? Skin health treatments, which improve collagen content dramatically, are Profhilo®, a pure hyaluronic acid skin booster, which bio-remodels skin cells. This is a true investment in the skin. Micro-needling is also a great way to rejuvenate collagen within the skin. This can be repeated monthly to start with to produce the optimal results.

How can I keep my skin in optimum condition? The best course of action is prevention, so where possible protect from sun damage, eat a balanced healthy diet and hydrate well. I would advise an effective SPF cream daily, with a tailored skin care regime. Light facial peels and micro-needling are a great start on your skin health journey.

Makeup… Hair & Makeup Artist, Nina Gregory

Now I’m over 50, can I still wear the same makeup as I did in my 30s and 40s? Do I need more? I wouldn’t say you need more coverage, but you do need the correct products and the know-how in product application. Getting the application right will make a huge difference to the way you look. If you’ve always had a signature look like a red lip, black liquid liner, nude lip, smudgy 60s liner… these can all be adapted to suit more mature looks without losing your personality. 

You need two looks, one for daytime and a more evening look with a bolder lip or accent of the eye. Stay away from shimmers or glittery products at all costs. These will only sit in the creases and lines we all try so much to hide and look dated.

What should I be filling my makeup bag with? Heavily invest in a good skincare regime for more mature skin then your products should really consist of the following:

  • Tinted Moisturiser / Water Light Foundations, these are new to the market and the colour matching for these are so much easier than typical foundations.
  • A lighter tone concealer – but not too pale. Choose your usual skin tone colour and apply it to any slight imperfections, dabbing it on with a fluffy brush or lightly with your finger.
  • A great liner pen in brown or navy blue. Opt for a soft twist up rather than a sharp pencil as these are harsh on the skin to smudge into the eye socket for definition. 
  • A great blush and bronzer duo, these are great for subtle colour or more colour for evenings or holidays if you tend to tan. 
  • Cream blush and bronze are great and easy to apply. Stay away from the glittery blushes – use a slightly more matte version.
  • Always get an eyebrow pencil that will accent your brows rather than make a focal point of them. Choose one with a brush at the end so you can keep brushing through your brows to soften the colour but still give your face definition and accent your features.
  • Invest in a good waterproof mascara, this will last all day and not transfer to lids or under the eye. I’m a great lover of black mascara for all ages, but if not a dark brown.
  • Lip colour should be either satin finish or a creamier consistency. Steer clear of matte shades as these sit in lines and bleed and are hard to upkeep during the day. 

For the more daring of you, investigate treatments such as eyelash extensions or microblading for your brows. Always seek professional advice and take in pictures of how you want your treatment to look that will suit your individual needs. These treatments are great and very easy for mature looks, not just youngsters!

Finally… the tools of the trade. Invest in a great set of brushes, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

What should I be steering clear of at the makeup counter? Anything that says matte or full coverage. Trust your own judgement and try products on the back of your hand for an hour or so before you buy. See how the product feels, how the air has oxidised the colour – it’s a good indication of how the colour will transfer on your face.

Skin tends to become slightly drier the older we get so go for nourishing, light reflecting or moisturising products. Avoid facial powders in any format – these will be appearing chalky and ageing.

I would also browse all the products in the store, just because you like one brand, or have used it for years, it doesn’t always mean it’s the right one. There are so many brands on offer which can be daunting, but ask some advice from some of the newer, ‘younger’ brands. All makeup companies will make something that will be suitable for all age ranges. Be brave! You really don’t have to spend a fortune either, high street brands are amazing these days. 

How can I keep my look fresh and on trend? Don’t be stuck in a rut! There is such a variety of images, advice, online tutorials, products, magazines, advertisements etc. to take inspiration from and explore trends at any age. Try one of the many online tutorials on YouTube and other social media outlets. 

Use the consultants on the counters for advice, book a makeup lesson, book a shopping lesson, too. Lots of makeup artists offer a shopping service. They will meet you for a coffee and take you through an informed shopping list – whatever your budget – to work out a great list of cosmetics that work for you. You can also pay to have a lesson with your own makeup bag contents – take notes, look and learn. 

Be open minded and practise new looks, you’ll soon find out what works and doesn’t work for you. Have a few key products that you use all the time instead of hoarding a makeup bag of products that haven’t seen the light of day in years. We all love making the best of ourselves and keeping up with the latest trends including make-up. Remember knowledge is power in the vast world of makeup and skincare! Nina is an award-winning international freelance Hair & Makeup Artist. To see more of her work, and to find out about booking her, visit

Various hair styling devices on the color blue, yellow, pink paper background, top view

Various hair styling devices on the color blue, yellow, pink paper background, top view

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