Claire Baker, Head of Lower School at Mayfield School tells us about their Cookie Project

Dealing with the opportunities and challenges of life requires well developed soft skills, especially in the workplace, and Senior School provides a vital opportunity to develop these skills. It is a time when habits are formed and pupils need to be encouraged to try new things to help them discover interests and passions, learn more about themselves, and practice how to work effectively alongside peers. Mayfield School’s answer to this is The Cookie Project.


‘The CBIs ‘Getting young people work ready’ study (2019) set out three pillars to being work ready, based on research with employers. These three pillars are: 

  • Character – an individual’s traits and strengths
  • Knowledge – the best and most powerful knowledge
    within subject disciplines
  • Skills – the application of knowledge and character in real world scenarios through teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication


As part of the Mayfield journey, we provide plenty of opportunities to develop these skills. In Years 7 and 8, we run a themed cross-curricular day each term, during which girls are taken off timetable to explore topics in greater depth, with recent examples including Earth Day, Moon Camp, Code Breaking, and the Cookie Project.


‘The Cookie Project is based on the BBC’s The Apprentice, with the girls working in teams to produce cookies, design packaging, come up with a marketing plan, and then deliver a presentation and a short advert promoting their product. The girls have great fun and valuable soft skills – communication, listening, empathy, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, resilience – are all enhanced as they tackle the challenges of the day. It is these soft skills that will help them develop into confident, reflective, empathetic and successful world citizens.’

To find out more about the exciting work at Mayfield School, including details of upcoming Open Days, visit 

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