Manor House School report on their recent heart-warming drama production

Last term, pupils in the Senior School came together to perform over three nights for their Senior Production, The Wizard of Oz, and what a show it was.
The school hall was transformed into Kansas and the Emerald City as Seniors performed a remarkable and heart-warming show. With unforgettable songs and clever choreography it was a show that we will not forget. The well known storyline was delivered through outstanding performances from our very talented cast including over 140 pupils from the Prep School.
One of our school values is #creativeandcollaborative which inspires our approach to producing a School Production. Sets are designed and created by our GCSE Drama group. Pupils are involved in making props, designing the lighting, assisting with hair and make-up, and operating the sound desks. The team always find creative ways to make costumes and sets.
Behind a great show is always a hard working back stage crew. Manor House School encourages participation and inclusivity. There is a role for everyone in our school drama productions. Congratulations to the lighting and sound teams on expertly tackling a very technically challenging Senior Production and putting on such a fantastic performance! No-one would have guessed it was the first time they had operated a show. Thanks to DS Lighting for their support.
We deliberately choose challenging productions and aim for a range of performances that involve girls playing male roles, to very good effect.
When the show ‘wrapped’ on the last night, the girls enjoyed a fun after party with dancing and much needed food!
We now look forward to our Prep School Production, Shrek.

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