We talk to Nigel Ashton, Head of Drama at Kent College about the wide-ranging benefits of studying drama.

Performance, skills and process are all essential to enabling pupils to develop their own creativity. Our last show, Phantom of the Opera, included a full orchestra, a cast and crew of 200 and over 450 costumes – girls were able to take part in whichever part of the production they wanted from operating technical equipment, to making costumes, building the set or performing, to helping with box office. Creativity comes in all forms at Kent College!

“Drama is a creative subject, with academic rigour at its heart”


Drama enables students to grow in confidence and self-awareness, as well as learn valuable skills in self-discipline, organisation, communication and teamwork. Pupils here emerge as articulate, emotionally intelligent young people. The academic rigour we apply to studying texts in drama, enables pupils to appreciate and analyse some of the greatest theatre texts ever written; this is why we get great GCSE and A-Level results.

In recent years I’ve seen a real trend towards higher education establishments and employers appreciating the benefits of drama. It is a creative subject, with academic rigour at its heart and the skills required for success in GCSE and A Level are extensive. Students finish their courses with a range of vital skills for an increasingly competitive world, including developing confidence and emotional intelligence.

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