St Andrews Prep share their coding education know-how

How is technology integrated into your curriculum and school life?

Our rich and varied D&T curriculum encompasses a wide range of technologies. As early as year 5 children work with and use computer aided design and a laser cutter to manufacture their design ideas. In Engineering children use civil engineering software to design and simulate bridge designs.

Which year groups get involved in coding?

From year 5 to 8 children construct a wide range of electronic products, including a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer project where children programmed their product to play different Christmas songs and display different sequences of lights dependent on different light levels, Silent Night being a popular choice as light levels dropped.

How do you encourage kids to get coding?

In D&T children develop their understanding of programming through System and Control projects. Children use a software to develop and simulate their programs before downloading their program to their finished product. Year 8 have just finished making and programming their electronic dice, where they developed their understanding of electronic systems and micro-controllers.

Do you have any technology clubs?

We have an electronics club where children have extended their learning by programming and constructing different electronic products. In another D&T club children are developing technical drawing and architectural modelling skills.

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