We hear from Frensham Heights where, from their foundation, they have taken a progressive approach to education

Nestled on 125 acres in the beautiful Surrey Hills just 40 miles from London, Frensham Heights offers a coeducational day and boarding experience – with day students from 3 to 18 and boarders from 11 to 18. From our founding days, we have done things a bit differently, with each individual child sat firmly at the heart of everything we do. We are non-uniform and first-name basis and there is an energy about Frensham which is hard to describe. It’s a feeling of happiness and lightness, a sense of freedom. It comes from all the children being comfortable in their own skins, their own clothes. With no prefects or head boys and girls, everyone is on a level playing field. They can be who they are. And it comes from our foundation of exceptional pastoral care which thrives on the genuine relationships which develop between all members of the community – looking out for one another.

An ISI inspection in 2022 rated Frensham Heights as ‘Excellent’ in both students’ academic progress and personal development. Frensham achieves exceptional academic standards as part of a much richer experience, through a broad curriculum and the equality given to all subjects.

Dance, drama, music and creative arts are all within the curriculum for all students up through Year 9 with the timetable for Years 7 to 9 including weekly sessions of ceramics, art and DT. The school has recently launched the Frensham Heights Arts Awards – a bespoke Sixth Form programme which will prepare students for the industry and immerse them in their artistic discipline whilst supporting them academically to gain their qualifications.

“Students are probably given more freedom than in other schools, but with that comes greater responsibility”

Alongside the rich curriculum run endless opportunities for wider experiences outside the classroom. The extracurricular offering is immense with clubs running at lunchtime and after school. The opportunities are constantly growing and developing to stay relevant with the world around us and provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to prepare them for life beyond school.

Boarding at Frensham Heights, like the whole school, is built on a very firm basis of mutual respect. Students are probably given more freedom than in other schools, but with that comes greater responsibility and ultimately a better understanding of how to live and behave beyond the school and home environments. All three boarding houses are coeducational – boys and girls have separate dormitories with shared social areas. A huge range of evening activities are organised from swimming to cooking plus bowling and cinema trips. Throughout all there is a natural progression of what is expected from the youngest through to the oldest – a sliding scale of structure, freedom and responsibility. 

The best way to really find out about Frensham and what makes it different is to go and see for yourself. There are mini open mornings during the school day and boarding open evenings where you can get a real glimpse into day to day life. Bigger open events on Saturdays offer the chance to meet all the teachers, sit in on student panels and hear from the Head.
Go to frensham.org to find out more about Frensham Heights and all their upcoming open events.

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