At Reed’s School music education is an integral part of life, with a focus on creating an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages pupils to explore their musical talents and passions. Music is a key aspect of the curriculum, starting with timetabled music lessons in Years 7 and 8, providing a strong foundation in the subject.
Year 7 pupils learn violin, viola, cello or double bass as part of the string scheme that takes place during their academic lessons, and a similar flute scheme runs in Year 8. This increase in string and flute players ultimately fills Reed’s ensembles and orchestras, meaning much of the talent is home grown. Additionally, the school’s unique scheme to teach every boy the trombone in Year 8 has proven a great success, with over 30% of the school roll taking instrument lessons.
Singing is the lifeblood of the school’s music department, with membership in the choir standing at an impressive 160 pupils. In addition, singing plays a significant role in the school’s Chapel, with all pupils singing at least once a week in this setting fostering a sense of community while also providing the opportunity to develop vocal skills.
Reed’s is dedicated to creating bespoke musical opportunities for pupils, fostering a love of music to last a lifetime, and helping pupils maximise their musical and creative potential.

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