At Chinthurst, we want our children to be happy and confident young people, with a lifelong love of learning and the foundations for a happy and successful adulthood. Music enriches life and is an important part of the curriculum. We aim to foster a passion for music by making it fun and inspiring – an exciting and a joyful part of the day.
The whole school sings together at assemblies and three choirs regularly rehearse and perform to a high standard. Every year group benefits from specialist music teaching within the curriculum, developing their musical abilities as well as their appreciation of music. Musical learning is approached primarily through singing; lower school children benefit from whole class recorder lessons, playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments and creating individual and group compositions. In the upper school the children have the opportunity to participate in whole class instrument tuition as part of the curriculum, including whole class violin, ukulele and djembe drumming tuition.  They also use music technology when composing.    
There is a strong instrumental programme and visiting teachers provide over a hundred one-to-one lessons a week on a wide variety of instruments. Our young instrumentalists also enjoy the opportunity to join our school orchestra to develop their ensemble playing. The children have many opportunities to showcase their musical talents, as soloists, as part of an ensemble and at school performances throughout the year.  
Music nurtures language, motor skills, emotional intelligence and collaboration skills and is an important part of the fabric of life at Chinthurst.

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