Spring Grove School explains what its families and teachers have learnt from lockdown

One year ago, as we grappled with the startling realisation that schools were about to close, little did we think that restrictions would still be affecting our everyday lives in Spring 2021. 

Faced with lockdown no.1 last March, the first priority was to ensure that every Spring Grove child had the technology needed for home learning. The school provided every child from Reception to Year 6 with a Chromebook, preloaded with a new SG Home Learning website to make the online experience both safe and easy. The children quickly got used to ‘meeting’ their teachers in Google Classroom, and enjoyed the many challenges and activities that took them away from their screens in the glorious summer weather.

Throughout lockdown no.3, Spring Grove has once again delivered the full school timetable via Google Classroom, including specialist Science, French and Music teaching for all years. Forest School projects, and creative projects such as Animate Arts’ ‘Art Builders’ have allowed the children to spend time away from their screens. Regular school assemblies always bring the school community together, particularly the traditional Family Assemblies on Fridays which have been co-presented by staff and children and live-streamed to parents.

As we look forward with glimmers of hope, there are many aspects of the Spring Grove lockdown experience that will be put to good use in the future – innovations in teaching and learning, virtual meetings and events, the ability to adapt and think on our feet – we will take all of these ‘lockdown lessons’ into 2021 and beyond. 


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