In October, six girls from Mayfield School attended the 7th Annual Model United Nations (MUN) Conference in Poland, with pupils from across Europe.

 MUN is an educational simulation of the United Nations in which students can learn about diplomacy and international relations. Students represent a country and debate issues with the aim of reaching a resolution.

The girls attended as delegates for Russia, Iran, Canada, the USA, DPRK and Nigeria, sitting on committees for Human Rights, UN Women, and the Future Security Council – the latter set in 2050 amidst concerns about overpopulation. They stayed with host families in Torun and had a great time experiencing Polish culture in their downtime following heated debate about global issues during the day.  Sixth Former Cosima finished the conference as Best Delegate on the Human Rights Committee, while Rosie was voted Best Delegate in the General Assembly. She also managed a star turn on TV Torun!

Rosie said: “Words fail to describe the exhilaration I felt being surrounded by so many enthusiastic and intellectual people who share my passions for politics, international relations, and debate.” 

Mrs Kasia Kilvington, MUN lead at Mayfield, said: “MUN has transformed the lives of some of the girls at Mayfield, enabling pupils who never believed they could speak in public to do just that. It has made them keen researchers and critical thinkers, having to scrutinise nuance in the delicate wording of resolutions, and given them immense confidence.”

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