Meet Ludo Kolade who balances sport, learning and a position as Captain of School at King’s School Canterbury

What is your role as Captain of School?

My role largely consists of coordinating my team of Purples (prefects) and acting as the conduit between the student body and Senior Heads. However, there are also lots of other difficult aspects to my role. 

What are your goals within this role? I endeavour to be a friendly and approachable face around school so that students feel comfortable flagging me down when in need of help, whilst also having the courage to stand up and put my own ideas forward. For me, leaving behind a legacy that outlives my time at King’s was always my goal as Captain of School, and so I relish the chance to lead workshops with younger year groups or attend meetings discussing school policy, as these conversations will have an impact on the careers of King’s students for years to come. 

Tell us about a tricky element to your duties.

At times, it is challenging to report poor behaviour by students as you do not want to be labelled as untrustworthy by your peers, but ultimately, I have found that as long as you are acting with the school’s best interest at heart, you are making the correct decision. 

Outside your Captain of School responsibilities how do you spend your time?

Other than my role as Captain of School, I spend the majority of my time in the Classics department. With only four students taking Latin in Upper Sixth, we feel very much like a tight-knit family. 

What are your plans for next year?

Perhaps surprisingly then, I am hoping to read Economics at Bath university next year. I have also recently signed a professional rugby contract with Harlequins and represented England U18s, and so will continue to pursue a career in rugby alongside my studies. 

What makes your school special?

The thing which makes King’s most unique for me is that you are actively encouraged to throw yourself into all aspects of the school. For example, one of my fondest memories is of a Shell (Year 9) dance activity. Even though I had two left feet and was likened to a giraffe on skates, I loved the experience, and I would have never tried dance unless I was at King’s.

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