Mr Eddy Newton, Headmaster of Marlborough House School, reminisces on his own school days and how they’ve shaped the Head he is today

What did you enjoy most at school? 

Maths, Latin and History, as well as all sports – I was less good at the creative subjects, but had a good logical mind, a lot of energy and could run fast!

Who was your favourite teacher and why? 

Mr McDonnell, my Latin teacher. He was known as Flash, as he had a yellow sports car, was very cool and had played rugby at a high level.

You only started as Headmaster of Marlborough House in September last year, what are you hoping to bring to the school? 

A sense of energy and purpose, based around 33 years’ experience in prep schools. Marlborough House does so many things well and I want to celebrate that fact – we are also launching a new commitment to ‘The Great Outdoors’, including an outdoor classroom, planting 200 trees and setting up an Eco-Committee. I believe that education is quite simple – high standards in the classroom and a wealth of opportunities outside in the form of sport and other activities. I want Marlborough House to be full of lively but thoughtful children, who think about others and give of their best.

Can you tell us about a career highlight? 

About 7 years ago, I spent a year as Chairman of IAPS, the prep school organisation. I led the Heads’ Conference that year and on the opening day I spoke to the press, introduced Sally Gunnell to the stage, read a lesson in Westminster Abbey and sat next to Terry Waite, our guest speaker, at dinner. That’s a day I’ll never forget. Oh, and getting married and raising a family.

What do you think makes Marlborough House special?

The attention to the individual is outstanding. I know that lots of schools claim that this is so, but here it really is. The warmth of the relationship between the staff and the pupils is lovely. 

If you could teach anyone – either present day or from history – who would you choose? 

I’m glad to be teaching children now, as I think the combination of academic and character education is far superior to even a few years ago. From the past, it would have been fascinating to teach Roger Bannister, obviously a great runner but also a great medic and individual, although I did teach his grandchildren in the 1990s! 

What are you looking forward to this coming year? 

A return to normality! It was so joyful to welcome the children back in March and we are optimistic that we can offer almost everything, including sports fixtures against other schools, in the summer term. We also ran a holiday club before Easter which allowed the children to socialise with each other in a relaxed environment. It was very cheerful and rewarding.

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