Eastbourne College and Bede’s School discuss opportunities which give their students time to shine

Director of Music at Eastbourne College, Dan Jordan, sings the praises of music at the school.

It is 6.30pm, the night before a well-needed half-term holiday. 650 singers are preparing to hit the stage and belt out their house songs in Eastbourne College’s annual House Singing Competition. After ten classic numbers, the staff band play and then the judge tackles the unenviable task of determining the winners; a girls’ house, with a sparky rendition of Abba’s ‘Super Trouper’ scoops the top prize. However, the competitive element is not the be-all and end-all (although the housemasters and pupils may disagree!), the overriding purpose of the event is to provide the pupils with an opportunity to sing with friends, perform in front of others and ultimately enjoy a fun way for the school community to come together and celebrate the power of music.  
The wide ranging benefits of music, and singing in particular, have long been recognised by doctors, scientists and psychologists. From boosting wellbeing and cognitive functioning, to helping develop collaborative and inter-personal skills and increasing self-confidence, the list is fairly extensive. There is also evidence to suggest that children who are involved in some form of musical study achieve better academic outcomes than those who aren’t.  
Pupils here are indeed fortunate to benefit from a myriad of musical and creative experiences with its first-class facilities. Performance opportunities abound, there is something for everyone, from elite level to fortnightly singing practice for all pupils. “Smiling, having fun, feeling like a number one”. How serendipitous Abba’s lyrics seem and how applicable a mantra for our students at Eastbourne College.
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“From cricket and horse riding to sailing and yoga – there is a physical activity suitable for every pupil”

“From cricket and horse riding to sailing and yoga – there is a physical activity suitable for every pupil”

Bede’s School tells us about the amazing performance opportunities that they offer.

Bede’s is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum which extends beyond the classroom. We give equal importance to academic, pastoral and co-curricular aspects, with sport, performing arts and debating all playing a huge part in shaping well-rounded individuals who excel in the world. Bede’s offers a wide range of academic courses and a unique carousel programme with three activity afternoons a week, so pupils can explore their passions and find hidden talents. We offer over 100 clubs and activities, and pupils are encouraged to choose at least one physical activity. But sports are not solely about winning trophies; they’re about fostering teamwork, resilience and discipline. From cricket and horse riding to sailing and yoga, there is a physical activity suitable for every pupil.
The music department also offers numerous opportunities to grow in confidence, improve performance skills and express individual personalities. The performing arts department is a thriving hub of self-discovery and expression and we are the only independent school to offer BTEC Production Arts, which is worth 1.5 A levels. We are also home to the Legat Dance Academy and our Model United Nations Club is a great place to develop debating skills. What truly sets Bede’s apart is the unwavering encouragement offered to every pupil. Our dedicated teachers and state-of-the-art facilities provide the basis for pupils to thrive, explore their passions and develop their skills. These activities not only build their skill set, they sculpt their characters, enhancing resilience and helping them flourish into confident young people.
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