Claremont Prep School – Rachel Potter, Head of Pre-Prep

What do parents need to consider when choosing a prep school?

A good place to start is to choose a school with the same values as your own.  A school’s value system and ethos plays a central part in giving each one its own unique ‘personality’, an essential point of difference that will help you decide if your child is going to be happy and thrive there.  

Young learners at The New Beacon School, Sevenoaks

Young learners at The New Beacon School, Sevenoaks

10 things I wish I’d known when my kids were young…

With three children now into adulthood, Hilary Wilce reflects on her experience as a mother and shares her retrospective wisdom

6th form – ask the experts

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A Dietary Alternative?

Hilary Wilce shares new research into ADHD from King’s College  Anyone who has to cope with an impulsive and hyperactive child – and that’s hundreds and thousands of parents and almost all teachers – will know how challenging it is...