An online education provider tells all about their exciting creative options

Technology Triumphs is a Kent based, award-winning distance learning provider set up specifically for young people.
Established by qualified teacher Pip Rothwell in 2019, with the aim to provide additional opportunities to achieve nationally recognised qualifications in creative subjects – without the need to sit an exam, or even to sit in a classroom.

For as little as £5 a week, parents can not only provide an affordable extra curricular activity for their child, but they do so in the knowledge that they are helping to improve their ongoing learning or work prospects with GCSE comparable qualifications being the end result.

Learners not only develop their creative, practical and hands on skills and knowledge through the completion of fun and engaging tasks, but many have been able to use these qualifications in order to gain access to courses at colleges and sixth form, in place of GCSEs.

In an ever competitive world, what better way to improve your child’s future prospects and to set them apart from their peers?
If your child didn’t get their chosen GCSE options, was limited on the number of creative subjects they could choose, or simply wants to pursue a creative as a hobby, Technology Triumphs may be a solution for you.

Partnered with awarding body, NCFE, Technology Triumphs is able to assess work and claim certification directly. As well as being named the winner of the 2024 KWiB Awards for ‘Women in Education’, Technology Triumphs has recently been shortlisted as a finalist for the NCFE ‘Centre of the Year’ in the 2024 Aspirations Awards.
As there are no minimum ages set for our Level 2 qualifications, young people can complete their courses with the company before they even enter their GCSE years – gaining qualifications ahead of their peers and before the stress of their school studies and exams is even a factor to consider.

Tutorials are pre-filmed and provided in easy to use workbooks so that there is no need to attend any scheduled lessons – making it a perfect option to fit in around other studies and activities. The team, made up of a mixture of qualified teachers, home educators and industry specialists, all believe passionately in the common goal of helping young people to fulfil their potential in the creatives.

Whilst the company is based in Kent – due to the fact that there is no external assessment element – learners can access and complete their courses from quite literally anywhere in the world.

Courses are currently offered from Entry level to Level 3 and cover the following subjects:

  • Art and Design (including digital illustration and animation)
  • Cake Decorating
  • Cookery
  • D&T
  • Textiles
  • Photography

The company ethos is to make ‘creative qualifications accessible to all’ and whilst the provisions were originally designed for younger learners, there are also no maximum ages set, so adults are also invited to enrol.

For further information please visit

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