We hear all about the advantages of learning languages from Sevenoaks Prep School

Sevenoaks Preparatory School incorporates three foreign languages into its curriculum, broadening students’ horizons and aiming to instil a lifelong love for languages. French – the language of romance and diplomacy; Spanish – the gateway to vibrant cultures across the globe; and Latin – the key to understanding the roots of many modern languages, each bring unique advantages to the table.

In an age of rapidly evolving curricula, Latin may seem like an unconventional choice for preparatory school pupils. However, Latin serves as a solid foundation for the development of language and cognitive skills, making it a valuable new addition to the curriculum at Sevenoaks Preparatory School.  First and foremost, Latin enhances vocabulary and comprehension. Learning Latin roots and prefixes helps students decipher unfamiliar English words, boosting their reading and writing abilities. It also strengthens critical thinking by teaching them to analyse complex sentence structures and develop logical problem-solving skills. Moreover, Latin fosters an appreciation for the rich history and culture of ancient Rome, enriching students’ cultural literacy.  A strong foundation in Latin not only improves language skills but also opens doors to exploring new cultures, broadening horizons. 

In the world of modern language learning, there’s no substitute for real-life immersion. Taking students abroad, while they are actively studying the language, provides a host of benefits that extend far beyond the confines of the classroom. It’s an experience that breathes life into language education, enriching students in countless ways. During Year 7’s trip to Boulogne, speaking with local people, ordering food at a café and asking for directions allowed pupils to put their language skills into action. This authentic interaction fosters linguistic confidence, fluency, and cultural understanding.

Studying these languages at a young age not only boosts cognitive development but also fosters cultural awareness and a sense of global responsibility. Mastering an additional language equips students to excel in an increasingly interconnected world and can provide them with a competitive advantage in various academic and professional endeavours.

To find out more about Sevenoaks Prep School and their language teaching visit theprep.org.uk

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