Benenden School explains how, from September 2021, day pupils will also be able to enjoy the school’s offering alongside its boarders

Benenden School, one of the UK’s leading boarding schools, is introducing day boarders for the first time. In an announcement described as “exciting” by the School’s Headmistress, Samantha Price, from September 2021 Benenden will welcome a small number of day boarders – a standard industry term for a pupil who attends on a daily basis rather than boarding – in Years 9 and 12.

Samantha Price said: “We know from families living locally that there is a strong demand for girls to join us as day boarders and we are delighted to be able to welcome some of these girls to Benenden for the first time next academic year.

“In many ways this is an historic moment for Benenden – and a very exciting one for the School. We have planned this approach very carefully indeed and are confident that our day boarders will integrate seamlessly into our wonderful, happy boarding community.”

The School opened in 1923 in a beautiful 25-acre site in the village of Benenden, Kent. It educates 550 girls aged 11 to 18 who can enjoy an array of superb facilities, including a purpose-built Theatre, state-of-the-art Science Centre, swimming pool, all-weather sports pitch and a beautiful Eco-Classroom. It is currently constructing a new School Hall and Music School, a development which will create one of the South East’s foremost concert halls.

Benenden’s innovative teaching and learning experiences include the highly-regarded Benenden Diploma for Years 7 and 8 and its Professional Skills Programme teaching Sixth Formers professional and life skills. It also offers a first-class pastoral support programme and regularly welcomes high-profile speakers on a range of topics.

Does you child have a passion for STEM, Humanities or Languages? Benenden School is offering two fully-funded day places in the Sixth Form to local girls as part of its initiative to introduce a limited number of day boarders.

These will be awarded to girls joining the School’s Year 12 day boarders in September – one to a girl with a particular interest in and talent for STEM, and a second to a girl whose enthusiasm lies in Humanities or Languages. These places are fully funded by the School for the Scholars’ two years at Benenden and are subject to means testing. To find out more visit

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