The inspiring bathrooms of a Sussex manor show how to embrace vibrant colour

This magnificent Georgian manor house in rural Sussex has undergone extensive renovation work in recent years, benefitting from Catchpole & Rye’s distinct brand of luxury in both the master en suite and a family bathroom. Both rooms demonstrate a masterclass in utilising colour for a dramatic and unique bathroom style, as the earthy tones of the traditional sanitary ware is offset against contrasting walls and accessories.

In the master en suite, a breath-taking shower room was designed with wallpaper in greens and pinks to create a captivating backdrop for Catchpole & Rye’s freestanding Sentinel aged brass shower enclosure. The La Parisienne washstand in Arabascato marble and the Deluge high-level cistern in weathered brass complete the ensemble with their matching colour profile. Accentuating the impressive ceiling height of this period building, the Sentinel shower and
high-level cistern make use of all available space, amplifying the grandeur of the room and drawing the eye upwards. 

By contrast, the family bathroom has a reduced ceiling height in places, presenting the challenge of optimising the space while still providing a fully functional bathroom for everyday use. This called for a completely different approach. Here more moody blue walls and darker floors are used to once again draw the eye up to the lighter ceiling, while also creating a sense of gravitas and traditional luxury that is in keeping with the master. This effect is achieved in no small part due to a carefully considered selection of Catchpole & Rye products throughout. A walk-in shower is paired with another marble washstand, this time the Pyrford Double, and the iconic Weathered Brass Bateau stands centre stage as a captivating focal point. This enviable bathroom includes everything you could want and more.

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