Treasure hunter Cat Ridley knows what she likes – and if it’s pink, glittery, neon or gold, she’s in (preferably all of them)

My first glimpse of the gloriously pink, glittery, neon, petal-strewn world of Cat Ridley was when I stumbled upon her popular Instagram account @pinkhomebythesea, which showcases her amazing house in all its candy pink splendour.

Scrolling through the posts I didn’t immediately realise it was in Hastings – the glamour level is so high octane, it could be Los Angeles – but the moment I figured it out, I knew I had to meet this icon of undiluted fabulousness and see the pink house with my own eyes.

Befitting a home that is so particular, even getting to it was a bit of an adventure. It’s on a road I’ve driven past for the last 18 years – but never knew was there. 

Once I found the street, picking out Cat’s house was not a challenge… The front door is painted her signature sugar pink, with a shiny brass bee (another of her favoured motifs) doorknocker and surrounded by multi-coloured pastel faux wisteria. There is no missing that you are entering Cat World.

Inside, her special style is everywhere your eye falls, but once you step into the kitchen/living room, even after noting the multiple mirror balls, the neon sign advising you are ‘Welcome to the jungle’, the vintage bar and much more, your attention is grabbed by something even more extraordinary (and that’s saying something in this space): the view.

From the bifold doors leading onto a deck on the south side of the house is a panoramic sea view that could make you think you are in the Hollywood Hills again – which must make the open air cinema nights, which Cat hosts in the garden in the summer months, something special.

Even the garden furniture, out on the raised deck, is in her bold style. Two deep pink tropical leaf-backed chairs, by Italian outdoor furniture company Urban Balcony, sit alongside a salmon pink bench table, with a pink flamingo jug for good measure.

  • words:
  • pictures: David Merewether
  • styling: Holly Levett

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