We explore Mill House, a project that demonstrates a new wave of contemporary family kitchens

Inglis Hall, known for their honest and authentic approach to crafting kitchens, was the perfect choice to create a truly modern kitchen in which contemporary ideals of morality are balanced harmoniously against a need for function, comfort and happy family life.

What made this project special?

This client reminds us why we do what we do. The Mill House project reshaped our understanding of contemporary home aesthetic by combining a self sufficient vegan objective with a family lifestyle that sought to allow room for fun, comfort and enjoyment. 

What was the vision behind this project?

This kitchen was designed for a creative family who wanted a rural home with a commitment to a vegan, self sufficient lifestyle. Comfort, a definite aesthetic judgment and solid quality were all critical factors in this model of the future rural ideal.

How did you work to make this space functional?

It was never an option for the kitchen, utility room and larder room to merely look beautiful. This is a heavily used and much loved family zone and it needed to function for both work and play. At the centre of the space, we placed an impressive free standing island on turned timber legs. It’s a beautifully painted focal point, filled with a warm, informal and timeless comfort, but it also provides abundant food prep space, seating and storage. Close to the kitchen table, we gave the family a high grade barista station (ready for action for a coffee perfectionist) and in the utility room stands a sawn-oak bookcase with beautifully crafted saw-tooth posts and solid shelves to take on any of the family’s storage needs.

What materials were used to achieve this? 

We incorporated raw band-sawn oak units, a beaten brass sink and an imposing expanse of concrete work surface to create a refined utilitarian cool style. But this family wanted this to be a very multifunctional space so we also harnessed soapstone, marble and fumed oak for a quiet charm and the gentle artisanal dynamic of a creative studio.

For more examples of innovative kitchens made with great love and craftmanship, visit inglishall.com

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