Prep time:

Cooking time:

Total time:

Serves: 6

600g 3 dips – hummus, pesto, tzatziki

300g 3 types of cold cooked meats – chorizo, ham, chicken

600g 3 types of veg – celery, carrots, yellow peppers, etc

300g 3 types of fruit – tomatoes, dried apricots, blackberries

300g 3 types of cheese – cubed Cheddar, mozzarella balls, Kent Blue

300g olives – large green perello and black marinated, pitted

1 loaf of sourdough bread – we use Light House Bakery Black Russian

600g biscuits for cheese, 3 types – Bath Oliver, poppyseed, breadsticks

Gap filler ideas:

vegetable crisps

pistachio nuts


Enjoy putting together a delicious sharing platter for outdoor dining with friends.

Putting it together

  1. Begin by choosing a large platter and using 3 points, start by placing the elements in all 3 areas
  2. Decant your dips into 3 small bowls and place in a triangle formation on or near the board.
  3. Next start with the meats and snuggle each one into little mounds.
  4. Slice the peppers and place near the first meat you put down. Baton the carrots and place closely to the second meat. Wash and cut the celery into long strips and place into a glass placing by the third meat.
  5. Next, put the tomatoes next to the pepper, the blackberries next to the batons, and the apricots next to the glass of celery. 
  6. Using the fruit as a barrier add the cheese. I like to cube the cheddar and place near the pepper, slice the Blue and place next to the blackberries and put the mozzarella near the apricots.
  7. Put the olives into two bowls or jam jars.
  8. Now slice your loaf and arrange your biscuits.
  9. The final stage is to fill the gaps with the crisps, nuts and pretzels.
  10. There are no rules here. But this is a guide to variety and weights. Consider colour and different heights with the carbs and seasonality when buying your vegetables and fruit.

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