Prep time:

Cooking time: 4 hours

Total time:

Serves: 4

2tbsp olive oil

600g lamb neck fillet cut into 1 inch chunks

2 onions roughly chopped

1tsp Maldon salt

3 garlic cloves crushed

10cm piece of ginger peeled and chopped

1tbsp ras-el-hanout

1tsp each cumin, coriander and cinnamon

200g tomatoes (fresh or tinned)

400g chickpeas

400g butternut squash cut into 2cm cubes

400ml chicken or lamb stock

2 preserved lemons chopped

30g bunch coriander, stalks chopped, leaves reserved

To finish:

2tbsp pomegranate seeds

100g green olives

3tbsp coriander leaves

Anna Stanford of Anna's Family Kitchen website shares one of her easy yet scrumptious recipes...

One of my favourite one pots. It can be thrown together and then left in a low oven or slow cooker. Just add the squash and chickpeas for the last hour of cooking and finish with the fresh coriander, green olives and pomegranate seeds.

Check out Anna’s Family Kitchen for more great ideas.

  1. Colour the onions in the oil for 5 minutes before adding the lamb. Ten minutes later add all the other ingredients apart from the squash and chickpeas. Add ½ tsp salt and 6 grinds of black pepper. Cook at 140 degrees or in a slow cooker for as long as possible – 4-6 hours is ideal. (I leave mine in the simmering oven of my Aga for up to 8 hours).
  2. Add the squash and chickpeas for the last hour of cooking time.
  3. Serve the tagine sprinkled with the pomegranate seeds, olives and fresh coriander.

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