Prep time:

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Total time:

Serves: 12

1 pack small tortilla wraps

250g lean minced beef (or vegetarian substitute mince)

20g (approx) taco seasoning - cheat by buying a taco spice mix, or make your own using:

1tsp hot chilli powder

½tsp garlic powder

½tsp ground cumin

½tsp ground oregano

¼tsp freshly ground black pepper

1tsp paprika

1.5tsp onion granules

½tsp sea salt

½tsp cayenne pepper (or to taste)

½tsp chilli flakes (to taste)


4 tomatoes, peeled and finely chopped

½ red onion, finely chopped

1 garlic clove, very finely chopped

2tsp white wine vinegar

½ lime, juice only

½ bunch coriander, roughly chopped

Serve with soured cream and/or grated cheese

You can make your own taco spice mix or take it easy and buy ready made. This recipe is great for a party or a family movie night.

Spice up your night with these bite-sized tacos. I’m not sure whether these are less messy to eat than the bigger version. I guess it depends how big your mouth is…

  1. Make mini taco shells from the tortillas by cutting them into rounds with a pastry cutter. Gently squish the tortilla rounds into a mini muffin tin and bake for 5 minutes at 150°c until crisp. Set to one side. Prepare the salsa; loosen tomato skin prior to chopping by blanching in boiling water, mix chopped tomato, onion, garlic together, then add in the other ingredients.
  2. Fry the mince in a pan for 15 minutes until thoroughly cooked. Sprinkle on the taco mix, turn the heat to low and continue to cook for another few minutes.
  3. Carefully spoon mince into taco shells, top with salsa, soured cream/grated cheese and serve.


These may be tiny but they are packed with flavour. A red would be too much so we’ve gone for a Chardonnay from Chile – as near as we can get to Mexico. Montes Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2015 from Majestics would be a good
choice (£9.99). Wonderful fresh, aromatic fruit flavours coupled with just a hint of well-balanced oak will match the weight of the dish and pair well with
the fresh salsa.

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