Do you have a beauty regime? My regime is pretty simple. I avoid all commercial, mass-produced concoctions, bar Weleda products. I’ll use these as a standby if I run out of my usual favourites. I prefer the simplicity of natural oils combined with Victoria Hughes Evelyn’s of Sussexface creams. The Rich Rose Cream or her Lavender Cream are both excellent and can be rubbed on whenever one’s skin feels dry. Witch hazel is particularly good for a deep facial cleanse, and nothing beats cold water on a fresh flannel every morning.

Do you have a particular product you couldn’t live without? The oils I now buy are from L’Artisan, the owners go to Morocco to buy directly from the grower and producer and I love their Prickly Pear Seed oil and the Cactus Oil the most. It has healing properties and I use it alongside argan and coconut oil. I spend a lot of time in the sun, so couldn’t live without my sun hat, as I’m very careful about exposure. I’ll always head for a broken aloe vera leaf over after sun lotion, however. It’s jelly-like juice is the perfect remedy for sunburn.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? I’ll use Weleda shampoo about once every six months, otherwise I’ll just rinse my hair in clean, not too hot water. As a real treat, I’ll make my own nettle rinse for my hair, or wash my face with freshly picked marigold petals, camomile or elderflowers. Drinking plenty of water and getting fresh air is an absolute must.

Who’s your style icon? I’ve never had a style icon, I just mix up or even chop up charity shop or jumble clothes. I love the thrill of a spare half hour in a charity shop to hunt for an addition to my ever-growing and eclectic wardrobe. Many of my clothes date back to my art school days when I only dressed from the wonderful rag and bone man’s huge mountain of clothes in an old shed in Canterbury.

Take a look at Charlotte’s wonderful holiday let, tucked away in the Kentish countryside at and see her art work at the South East Open Studios in June. Find out more at

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