Personal trainer and nutritionist Sarah-Jane Holt has developed a fitness programme especially for our readers. This month she increases the fitness sessions from two to three sessions a week to ensure that you’ll feel fit and fabulous in three months.

It’s now time to increase your workout frequency: repeat the Month One workout each week and add in this second session along with a 30-minute power walk. The idea is still the same – quick, simple and effective – but by adding in this second session, it will increase your fitness levels, improve strength and build on the work from month one.

Exercise for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second rest, and repeat each exercise 4 times.

1.  Static lunge – Start with left foot forward and right foot behind, feet hips width apart. Keep your chest up, your weight on your front heel and drop your back knee down towards the ground, stopping  just before it touches the floor. Drive through that front heel back up to the starting position. Repeat with left foot forward.

2.  Reverse flys – With a can in each hand, reach forward with slightly bent knees, torso parallel with the ground. Start with arms in front of you and hands together. Think about squeezing between your shoulder blades, drive your arms out away from each other until hands are in line with your shoulders. Think about drawing your shoulders away from your ears as you bring your hands back together to complete one repetition.

3.  V ups – Begin this effective core excise lying on the floor, legs straight out and hands above your head. Bring your arms over your head and out in front of you as you bring your knees towards your chest, think about engaging your core muscles. You should end up in a v shaped position with only your bum on the floor. Lie back down to repeat.

4.  Squat jumps – This will drive your heart rate up and work your legs. With feet shoulder width apart, bend the knees and bring your arms slightly behind you. Using your arms to drive momentum, jump into the air, arms going above your head. Think about landing softly through your feet, toes to heels, bend your knees making sure your knees don’t go over your toes.

5. Cobras – A fantastic exercise to strengthen the upper back muscles that are integral for good posture. Start by lying on your front, forehead resting on the floor, chin tucked in so that the back of your neck is straight, with palms facing the ceiling. Squeeze between your shoulder blades, lift up your chest slightly, rotate your hands so that palms are now facing the floor, squeeze your glutes, moving the shoulders back. Your head lifts a few inches off the floor, chin stays tucked in. Relax back down to complete the rep.

Nutrition Tip

Protein is a very important macronutrient, it helps drive up our protein balance and protects muscle tissue – a higher percentage of muscle tissue on the body helps maintain a high metabolic rate which in turn helps us burn more fat at rest. This month we’re going to focus on protein and aim for 1 palm-sized serving of protein for women and 2 for men at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Contact Sarah-Jane on 07772 416993 or see

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