Blogger, crafter and maker, Jennifer Cockcroft, focuses on creating Everyday Creative Moments – bringing brightness into every day (and especially in autumn)

What one piece of seasonal wisdom helps you in autumn?

Autumn feels very much a turning point in the year for me and a time that balances harvesting the bounty of summer and preparing for the darker days of winter. So it’s about making the most of any and all light and bright days, but also slowing down and acknowledging that we need the down time to recharge and rest. I love the colours of nature during autumn and they remind me that each season has its beauty and is as essential a part of the cycle as spring and summer which we enjoy so much. Autumn also has that ‘new school year’ feeling – even as an adult! I love to start new projects that I can work on over the next few months, especially if they involve learning something new.

Which one self-care ritual do you never skimp on?

I like to bookend my day with some quiet time to myself. In the mornings that means yoga and stretching to wake up my body – I either follow videos online or go freestyle depending on what my body needs – and meditation to tune up mind and spirit. I particularly like guided visualisations, but sometimes five minutes of focusing on my breath is enough. In the evenings I write in my journal to savour the important moments from the day. I like to label memories and experiences with key words that align with my values and what I’m intending to manifest. That way I’m compiling evidence of the way I want my life to feel and can go to sleep feeling grateful for what I already have.

What’s cooking in your kitchen this month?

I just love those warm, filling family meals like shepherd’s pie on a cosy evening. This year I really want to experiment more in the kitchen with new ingredients and flavours, nothing too complicated, just delicious and nourishing food done well.

What always brings a smile to your face?

Watching the birds in the garden is a constant joy. Where I live, despite being on a large housing estate, we’re lucky enough to be visited by a wide range of species and I love to put food out to encourage them in and keep them healthy throughout the year. We have a number of ‘regulars’ who are great characters and seeing their different behaviours is always entertaining. I could quite happily spend hours at our kitchen window watching all the comings and goings.

What is the best treatment you’ve had locally?

I love a good deep tissue back massage, and the treatments and therapists at Aquavie Spa in Tonbridge are all wonderful. It’s such a tranquil oasis I always feel like I float out about six inches taller afterwards! ;

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