Ella Carey is a qualified Natural Nutritionist, a certified GAPS Practitioner and qualified Kinesiologist, who runs Full Spectrum Health.

What one piece of seasonal wisdom helps you in August?

This time of year is a favourite for foraging, so many delights can be found in the hedgerows. More than a fun activity to do with the children, I see it as a key element of keeping my family healthy, as well as a lovely way to connect them to nature and eating seasonally.

We make immune-boosting syrups from rose hips and elderberries, which are packed with vitamin C. We eat blackberries straight from the brambles for their vitamin content and their wild bacteria – the strains of which are so vast we haven’t identified all of them yet, but which are absolutely fundamental to our health and wellbeing.  

Bacteria play a key role in boosting our immune systems, and so along with foraging wild foods, we ferment a lot of food at home – beetroot, carrots, sauerkraut etc – to increase our beneficial bacteria intake.

What’s cooking in your kitchen this month?

Beetroot in all ways! Salt-roasted beetroot with burrata and herbs from the garden is a delicious light dinner, and the kids’ favourite way to eat beetroot is the Indian dish halwa (not to be confused with halva). It’s an unusual, but really tasty, alternative to your morning breakfast cereal, which is often low in nutrients and high in sugar. Beetroot’s great for anyone with a tendency toward anaemia or fatigue too.

Share one book that taught you something amazing about life 

I was very inspired by Patch Adams’ book Gesundheit. The story follows his life after he graduates as a doctor and is wonderful at explaining the frustration he felt at the expensive and restrictive US medical system. He dedicated his life to creating a medical centre and a community organic farm run by health professionals and volunteers. Patients and their families could come and receive treatment, support and community – and organic food.

What always brings a smile to your face?

No matter how many people I work with, it makes me so happy to hear that people are overcoming their health issues through nutrition and natural healing practices.

I especially love it when the non-verbal, autistic children I work with start forming words and making eye contact only weeks into the nutrition programme. It is a true testimony to the body’s innate ability to heal, and the most valuable and fulfilling part of what I do.


Ella Carey

Ella Carey

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