Sophie Parker is the founder of Betony and Sage, creating organic scented candles, incense, room mists and smudge sticks to keep your spaces (rooms and head…) naturally clear and fresh.

Sophie is a keen environmental conservationist, passionate about the natural world and a true believer in the healing power of nature. Her organic products are made with the addition of foraged ingredients sustainably harvested from around her home.

A Dose of Nature

In a world over-run with pharmaceutical drugs, we’re on the hunt for a more natural antidote. Read on to discover the potential of your own back garden...

A Gentle Cleanse

The last thing our bodies need when it’s still cool and damp is a brutal detox with raw food that is hard to digest, much better work in harmony with your body and the season says Eminé Rushton

A Month To Remember

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. An average of 55,000 men and women are diagnosed every year, so to keep you all in the know, we asked some experts to talk through the process, from consultation to recovery.