We chat beauty regimes with makeup artist and co-founder of Votary skincare Arabella Preston.

Do you have a beauty regime? I cleanse every morning with a Votary Cleansing Oil and flannel. This soothes my skin and provides a gentle exfoliation at the same time. I then apply whichever Votary facial oil my skin needs that day. In the evening I cleanse again with a cleansing oil and flannel to remove make-up, then apply Votary Toning Serum. This contains low levels of glycolic to brighten and hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate my skin. I then apply our Intense Night Oil which contains a low level of retinoid. My skin prefers the lightweight texture and absorption of a natural plant oil over rich creams. 

Do you have a particular product you couldn’t live without? Votary’s Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil is my desert island product. I am passionate about teaching people that clean skin doesn’t have to mean dry and tight skin. It’s simply revelatory the first time you try it.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? I love a great massage, it has to be the right mix of relaxing and effective. I go to Greg at The Rye Retreat – he is also a brilliant reflexologist. I still don’t know why it works but it makes me feel so good I don’t care. Most of my beauty budget goes on my hair though. The older I get the coarser and curlier it’s got, so paying someone else good money to make it look decent has become crucial. It’s not an understatement to say that meeting my hairdresser, Lisa (also at The Rye Retreat), was a turning point in our move to the area!

Who’s your style icon? Currently it’s Emily Weiss the CEO and founder of Glossier, a US beauty company that is disrupting the industry in a brilliant way. She also happens to be super chic and fun. 

Arabella lives in the Weald with her family. Votary products are available at Liberty, Regent Street and online at votary.co.uk

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