Do you have a beauty regime? Mornings I wake myself up with a ‘chemical-free’ shower followed by a light cream for my sensitive skin. We’ve created a gentle Calendula Cream so I’m tending towards using that everywhere.

I prefer the natural look and don’t wear foundation. On high days and holidays I use a dry face powder to lightly flatten any redness, with blue smudgy eyes and bright lips!

Night-time sees a quick splash of water with our gentle beeswax soap and more Calendula Cream followed by Lavender Hand Cream which helps me sleep.

Do you have a particular product you couldn’t live without? My SOS for stings, occasional break outs and skin issues is our Propolis Cream as it knocks most things on the head. I am feeling hugely evangelical about propolis and how clever the bees are in producing this amazing ingredient!

I wear Mac ‘So Chaud’ Lipstick – perhaps not the best ethically but I love the intensity of the hot orangey/red and the fact that it doesn’t need reapplying.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? My recent guilty pleasure is having my eyebrows threaded by a lovely beautician and I feel liberated! I stopped the painful plucking in my early 20s, but recently realised that if I’m to age gracefully I need to look a little more groomed!

Pampering takes a back seat as I garden for two days a week along with running and developing BeeInspired. My dream pamper day would include a massage, yoga, a manicure/pedicure or perhaps a drawing/painting session. Or gin, always gin!

Who’s your style icon? Difficult question! I love the casual tailored look typified by Margaret Howell, and Audrey Hepburn’s chic glamour and poise, with her ability to retain her lifelong distinctive style.

I have bought favourite unique pieces at artisan fairs, from designers such as Terry Macey. I favour a boxy classic artisan style, in natural fabrics often blues and greys with colourful scarves, my weakness, all reflecting my life as a designer-maker.

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range inspired by ingenious and industrious bees. Products are created from bees raised by Alison and lovingly and painstakingly made by her.

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