Do you have a beauty regime? I used to just use cleansing wipes and a cheap moisturiser, but since discovering the Tropic skincare range I now cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, religiously. It’s made a huge difference to how my skin looks and feels. For anti-ageing I use Tropic’s Eye Revive, Night Repair Cream with Elixir Oil at night to smooth out the lines on my face, neck and décolletage. Once or twice a week I’ll use the Exfoliating Face Smooth and Radiance Clay Mask, and the Body Oil works beautifully as a natural perfume. The Summer Skin and Instant Glow comes out of the cupboard when exposing my very pale legs, and as an added bonus it smells like Pina Colada!

Is there a particular product you couldn’t live without? This is such a difficult question as I use all of the Tropic products and love them all without exception! If I have to pick just one, I would choose the uplifting Smoothing Cleanser. It’s award-winning and comes with a bamboo face cloth, which is naturally anti-bacterial and effortlessly removes all makeup including waterproof mascara. My skin feels so soft, clean and fresh afterwards.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? For the ultimate treat I love a luxury spa day (or even couple of days!) at Tor Spa Retreat in Ickham, Canterbury. It’s unbelievably relaxing, unassuming and peaceful. They offer the most amazing Ayurvedic treatments, the staff are wonderful and welcoming, and the deliciously healthy vegetarian food means I never want to leave.

Do you have a style icon? I love Jemima Khan’s sense of style, with her strong features, defining cheek bones and long flowing hair complementing her impeccable clothes. She always looks so elegant and chic.

Sue is an Independent Ambassador for Tropic Skin Care and specialises in promoting freshly made, 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan, toxic chemical-free skincare and cosmetics suitable for all skin types. Take a look at the Tropic range at and book a pamper evening by or call 07876 682628.

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