Do you have a beauty regime? To call it a regime would be stretching it a little. I like to keep it simple, but there are a few things I swear by. If I’ve worn make up then I use a Neal’s Yard eye make-up remover and a Weleda perfume-free facial cleanser. I wash my face with cold water and use a small amount of coconut oil morning and night. Health starts from within, and looking after my internal wellbeing is an absolute priority. Yoga and meditation practice happens daily, I drink lots of water, supplement neem and turmeric for gut health and consume a diet of around 70% raw fruits and vegetables.

Do you have a particular product you couldn’t live without? I use coconut oil for my face, body, hair and for oil pulling (using it like a mouth wash). It’s a bit soapy to begin with, but works a treat and is a lot better for you than the harsh chemicals used in normal mouth wash. I don’t go anywhere without a lip balm, especially in winter. Although I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I love a red lippy and always have one on me if I need to look a little smarter.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? I’m not hugely interested in beauty treatments but I had an Ayurvedic massage in India last year which totally blew my mind. It was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had, and the massage was relatively brutal. They finished the treatment by pouring hot oil over my head and giving me a scalp massage which was heaven. I felt incredible afterwards and slept better the following week than I have my entire life! So, one of those every now and again would be lovely.

Who’s your style icon? I adored Amy Winehouse as a teenager, and, although I don’t wear gold hoops and thick eyeliner any more, her influence is still present when I’m singing and performing. The same goes for singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday as their presence on stage is so inspirational. Regarding dress and style, I think Iris Apfel is amazing. She wears what she wants and always looks fabulous.

Helen is a stylist and seamstress. She sings in a swing band (Big Swifty) and a close harmony girl band (The Ninety-Nines) singing funk, jazz and bluegrass. Find the bands on Facebook and Instagram for bookings and contact for styling and fashion work.

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