Do you have a beauty regime? I have a beauty regime as much as my life affords. Between running our business and having two children at primary school, I’m not left with much time! I got into the routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise as a teenager and have managed to stick to that. I make sure my diet includes a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and I drink lots of water to keep myself and my skin hydrated. Having lived in the Middle East for six years I have also got into the good habit of using a SPF30 moisturiser on my face every day, come rain or shine. I vary the products I use but try to stick to products made in the UK and that champion clean and natural ingredients.

Is there a particular product you couldn’t live without? I cannot live without lip balm. My trusty mini Vaseline with aloe vera comes with me everywhere. I have a spare in my car, handbag, on my bedside table, and it also doubles up as a ‘heal all’ cream when the little ones injure themselves. Upping the ante a little, Eve Lom cleanser is always on my Christmas wish list.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? My ultimate pampering treat is not one I fulfil very often, as I suspect is the case with lots of busy women. It would definitely involve a full spa day with a vigorous massage to loosen my muscles, followed by a soothing facial and of course, a long siesta in a relaxation room. Once a month would be ideal..

Do you have a style icon? I admire any woman who looks confident and understands who she is and what works for her. My icon would actually be my mum. Since hanging up her farm shop apron eight years ago she has taken time for herself to explore her interests and what she loves. Everyone comments on how stylish she is and how she looks and seems younger. She is a great role model for me, thinking a few years ahead!

Susannah and her husband Craig run Eggs to Apples, a beautiful award-winning farm shop in Etchingham. They’re the third generation of Barnes to run a farm shop, and have taken an inspired and modern approach to the business. Pop in for a coffee and pick up a copy of Wealden Times. Find out more at

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