Do you have a beauty regime? I absolutely do and it starts on the inside with nutrition and hydration.  I consider that paying attention to what I consume is a part of taking care of my physical appearance. When your insides are good, your outsides show it. My beauty regime starts when I wake up in the morning by drinking 1 litre of filter water with a couple of squeezes of lemon. This helps to replenish my body after fasting for eight hours and helps to get rid of waste products. After my run with Benji (my Labradoodle) I usually shower and wash my face withTrueScience beauty products and scrub up with my favourite Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Bath and Shower Gel. Throughout the day, I focus on keeping hydrated as much as possible and make sure that I fuel my body with nutritious food. I believe that the healthier the food you eat the more vibrant and glowing you look and feel! 

Do you have a particular product you couldn’t live without? I wouldn’t be able to live without my TrueScience anti-ageing cream. It moisturises and revitalises my skin, makes it feel really smooth and has a gorgeous zesty smell that is really uplifting! 

What’s your ultimate pampering treat?  I am a big believer in regular manicures, pedicures and having my hair washed and blow dried (I have a lot of hair so to get someone to wash and dry it is a real treat). However, my ultimate pampering treat is a daily self-care practice which I believe keeps me in balance and is crucial to my health and happiness.  

My top three self-care tips are: 

  • Carve out time in your day just for you… to CARE for you! I like to go for a walk with my dog and to listen to my favourite podcasts. 
  • Enjoy a luxurious
    bubble bath 
  • Laugh – there is nothing better than a good belly laugh. Call a friend or surround yourself with people who lift your spirits and help you enjoy life. Sometimes we can take life too seriously when we just need to laugh and live. 

Who’s your style icon? I don’t really have a style icon but when I’m shopping I usually go for stylish workout clothes and, for dressier items, I tend to lean more towards classic contemporary designs.

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