Reed’s School tells us about their award-winning outreach and community projects

The school’s own charitable Foundation was established in 1813 as an orphanage. Ten percent of the pupils are helped to attend the school because they have lost the support of one or both parents and have experienced family trauma as well as financial and social hardship.

The Outreach Programme at Reed’s School extends the reach of the Foundation by partnering with over 40 state primary and secondary schools in economically-deprived areas. The programme benefits over 3,000 children annually, running a series of exciting and attainable activities to raise the aspirations and attainment of children in the state sector.

These activities are hosted at Reed’s using their own staff, pupils and facilities and range from sport and the arts to STEM across a variety of formats. Pupil involvement facilitates their ethos to ensure they leave Reed’s possessing a strong moral compass and a desire to go into the world and improve it. Examples include First Form (Year 9) pupils hosting an Arts Event for Year 5 children to share their skills in drama, art and music; Sixth Form pupils assist with Maths and Squash lessons in the RacketsCubed initiative. Pupils learn that their own skills can be used to help others less fortunate than themselves.

In developing the Forum, Reed’s has built close relationships with the Headteachers at their partner schools which allows them to evolve the programme to best meet the needs of their pupils. Operational partnerships with Chelsea FC Foundation, Surrey CCC and the Golf Foundation assist with the delivery of some programmes.

Reed’s offers many opportunities for the local community to use their facilities. These range from providing science facilities for a one-day course for Year 10 and 11 pupils to running weekly after-school groups for refugees, as well as letting schools, scout groups, sports clubs etc. use their amenities such as the swimming pool and performances spaces.

In 2020 Reed’s were shortlisted for the TES Independent-State School Partnerships Award and in 2021 they won the AMCIS Partnership/Outreach Impact Award. For more information email Kathryn Bartram, Development & External Relations Director at or visit the school’s website

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