A classic verandah is a stylish and worthwhile feature to add to a renovation, striking a pleasant first note for all those entering a property

Porches were originally created hundreds of years ago to offer shelter when entering a property. Over recent years they have risen in popularity again, and it’s no surprise given that they are both practical and pretty. With the recent trend for architectural styles inspired by bygone eras, it’s the perfect time to invest in character features like this to give a property some memorable personality and a pleasant welcome every time you walk in the front door. With all this in mind, we asked the team at one of our favourite local, family-run businesses, The Traditional Verandah Company, all about them.

How do you make your porches and verandahs? Structures from The Traditional Verandah Company are made from new materials, with designs based on original porches and verandahs from Georgian and Victorian times. They are made in Kent from marine-grade aluminium and laminated safety glass which will stand the tests of time beautifully.

What maintenance do they require? A structure from The Traditional Verandah Company is built to last and requires hardly any maintenance – a wipe over with a damp cloth is all that’s required. 

What sort of property do they suit best? These fine structures sit comfortably on both old and new homes, providing a touch of period charm and that much sought-after kerb appeal. We have all sorts of colours available, along with several finishes to suit every colour scheme and taste. We also have various column options from solid and sturdy to slim and elegant, and three stylish corner brackets to choose from. 

Do you include installation of the finished product? A full service from design to installation is provided to each client, along with architect’s plans of the project. The friendly office team are available throughout the process to answer any questions and provide updates, with the experienced installation team on hand for the efficient and hassle-free installation of your chosen product. 

What makes you a good business to go to for a porch or verandah? With over 20 years’ experience, we are a local company offering high-end quality of both products and service so you can buy with confidence from The Traditional Verandah Company. 


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