How do you choose the right prep school? How far ahead should you plan? What will give your child the best start in life? There are so many big questions when it comes to prep schools, so we’ve asked three of them to give some pointers

What is Value-based Education?

Hilden Oaks explains their approach to prep school, which focuses on 22 key values

Values-based Education (VbE) is an intrinsic way of life at Hilden Oaks Preparatory School & Nursery, supporting social interaction and creating an enhanced learning environment. The school focuses on a set of twenty-two lifelong values, which provide a common thread, linking everything throughout the year groups, from the youngest children in Nursery through to the eldest in Year 6.

The meaning of each value is explored during assemblies by giving the children the opportunity to act out value-related stories and to contribute to their class discussions. Children are rewarded with wooden acorns for demonstrating the desired values, which are the responsibility of the Head Boy and Head Girl to count each week (a special moment for everyone!).
This approach creates an inspirational learning environment, enhances pupils’ academic attainment and helps children to develop strong social and interpersonal skills. The excellent academic results speak for themselves and it is wonderful to see that by the time they are ready to leave, the children move on to their secondary school of choice with outstanding results, confidence and self-assurance. They are also kind, considerate, respectful, accepting of others and able to demonstrate integrity
– a rare value that is often lacking in today’s society!
At Hilden Oaks, we pride ourselves on being one of only three schools in Kent to be awarded the International Values Education Trust (IVET) Values Quality Mark. During the recent re-accreditation visit, the VbE Inspector remarked, “Hilden Oaks is committed to every pupils’ education, which is underpinned by the School Values. These values ribbon through the classroom, the curriculum, the corridors, lunchtime and even when the pupils leave school into their homes and communities. Hilden Oaks is an exceptional school where pupils thrive.”

To see the school ‘in action’, you can book a visit by calling 01732 353941 or emailing Visits may be booked during one of the forthcoming Open Mornings on Wednesday 4th October or Thursday 12th October (9-11am), or a personal tour may be booked at a mutually convenient time.
For further information about Hilden Oaks Values, go to

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