Loving local doesn’t mean you can’t explore a whole world of global flavours and cuisines

Curry Favour

Rameeza’s Repetoire Indian Cookery Workshops are held by local expert Rameeza in her purpose-built kitchen in West Byfleet, and are designed to empower you to cook food you love and widen your culinary experience. Rameeza eagerly shares her secrets – from closely guarded family recipes to new and exciting flavour combinations. Her workshops (also available via zoom) cover all sorts of topics including Beginners, Street Food and Specialist Dhal, plus she also teaches a variety of cuisines for the DofE Skills Awards and makes her fabulous Friday Curries – a brilliant alternative to a regular takeout. Why not book Rameeza’s Authentic Indian Entertaining Workshop, in which she shares family recipes you won’t find on high street menus. You’ll be blown away by the flavours in this elaborate menu as you chop, stir and taste your way to make a variety of delicious dishes over 4-5 hours. After you can either enjoy them in Rameeza’s home, or take them away to your own. This all costs £90 and spaces are limited.


Spice Up Your Life

Carla’s offers a unique range of artisan Herbs Spices and Seasonings, hand-blended in East Sussex. Their collection of gourmet seasonings, herbs and spices from around the world can be easily added to your home cooking to give it some international flair and their website also holds a delicious library of recipes to get the most out of their products including Tuscan Maneesh, Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Greek Chicken Kebabs and loads more! Whether you try their Tuscan Blend sprinkled on freshly made fries, use Montreal Steak Seasoning to add a little magic to a meat dish or revolutionise your Sunday roasties with their Potato Seasoning, this is a brand that can quickly add some international flavour to even the most classic English dishes.

Find them in shops across the South East or order online at carlasfoods.co.uk

First Course

The Kent Cookery School is a hub of world foods learning with specialist tutors all championing their cuisines. Their shorter evening courses and midweek daytime ‘To Go’ courses provide hands-on in-kitchen learning experience that will teach you how to make three authentic dishes from scratch. These courses are a great way to get inspired to shake up your midweek meals and show that with a few simple ingredients you can create something truly delicious. Dishes include Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai, Gyoza, Mung Bean Fritter, Adobo Beef, Seabass Cerviche Tostadas, Flatbreads, Tabouleh, Falafel, Hummus, Chicken Tikka, Bao Buns, Dim Sum, Sushi – the list goes on and on, choosing one is the hardest part! The courses are two and a half hours long and are £60-£70.

Alternatively, if you want an even deeper understanding of not only the food but the culture which it comes from, then full day courses are a great way to immerse yourself with a specialist tutor to guide you. From Authentic Turkish to Indian BBQ courses, the tutors love sharing their dishes, so you can enjoy recreating them again at home with friends and family. These courses are £155 for 5-6 hours and generally include 5-8 dishes, some of which are enjoyed for lunch.


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