After a hectic couple of months, January is the perfect time to stop and reassess. Many begin their New Year diet and exercise regime, to cleanse and invigorate the mind and body for the year ahead. Often, however, our homes are forgotten about. The stressful emotions, rushing around, (possibly a couple of arguments?) and piles of clutter build up in our houses as well as in our minds, and can eventually affect the atmosphere negatively. The first, and most obvious step would be to have a thorough clear-out and dispose of accumulated and unnecessary ‘stuff’. To take this a step further, and to transform your home into a harmonious haven of ‘positive vibes only’, follow these simple suggestions. These are particularly beneficial if you’ve moved into a new house or have a home office.

A good scrub – We know how wonderfully satisfying it is when those kitchen counters and living room shelves are clean and clear. By de-cluttering and giving surfaces a dust, you’ll immediately feel brighter, and the rooms will feel lighter. Clean the windows to let as much light in as possible. Add a mirror to increase light levels even further.

Air flow – The air in a house can easily become stagnant, especially at this time of year when the heating is on full blast and everyone’s in hibernation mode. Open all the windows, even if it’s really chilly, and create a draft through the house. Shake out cushions and blankets and get plenty of light and air flowing through the space.

Outside in – As well as adding life and vibrancy, house plants hugely improve the air quality in a home, particularly if you reside in a city with high levels of pollution. Spider plants are one of the easiest to grow and maintain, and remove formaldehyde and xylene from the atmosphere. Snake plant, or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue gets rid of benzene and trichloroethylene, and aloe vera is a great option, doubling up as a natural ‘heal all’ balm.

Scent – Essential orange oil has a significant uplifting effect, and by carefully burning incense, particularly frankincense, you can easily create a peaceful, temple-like atmosphere. The ancient Native American practice of smudging has been used for thousands of years to clear negative energy from a space. A smudge stick is a small bundle of sage, knotted together with string. Open the doors in your home, place the sage in a bowl and light it with a match. After carefully blowing out the flame, allow the herbs to smoke and smoulder gently, slowly filling the house with its aromas.

Colour – Colour can have a significant effect on emotion. Yellow has associations with hope, happiness, positivity and clarity, so by painting a wall, or hanging up a work of art, you can create your very own super vibrant vibes. Alternatively, rich and earthy tones, when used in the bedroom, can create a relaxing sense of cocooning.

By taking just a little time to consider and re-energise your surroundings, you can create a wonderful, peaceful and calming atmosphere for your whole family or partner to benefit from.

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