Sarah Maxwell dips into the world of blue health coaching

At this time of year, many of us take to the water in one form or another. I love water (when it’s warm) but my swimming technique leaves a lot to be desired. That was until I met Camilla Golledge.

Camilla, who is actually a Mermaid – yes really – is also an aquatic specialist, an STA Ambassador and recently qualified in blue health coaching (promoting mental and physical wellbeing through connection to water). I was really interested how Camilla had evolved in all aspects of water training over the last few years.

As times change and we all relish spending more time outdoors, she has begun to take her business outside, open water coaching, spending time on her paddle board and helping people through challenging times in our beautiful blue spaces. For those who prefer their blue space to be inside, she is currently developing water play, mindful swimming and aqua sensory sessions for aquaphobics, SEND participants, and those who want to strengthen their bond with the water.

Camilla advises that to be able to safely enjoy the blue, you must first learn to be water confident and safe. Having a few lessons or coaching sessions and following advice from the RNLI is a good place to start.

In Victorian times people were encouraged to spend a ‘week by the sea’ to convalesce, and in 2022 health care professionals are now able to ‘blue prescribe’, to motivate patients to spend time outdoors in blue spaces.

We now have so many opportunities to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, to wild swim, to take on a charity challenge in a pool or to brave an ice bath! I’m going to opt out of the ice bath but I really want to have mermaid lessons with Camillla! Remember you are only one swim away from a good mood.

Why water? 

The benefits of being in water are tremendous – equally so is staying hydrated. Our bodies are made up of around 60% water and by making sure we are hydrated we can increase our energy and concentration levels. Flushing out waste products and bacteria naturally hydrates our skin, too. 

This month, why not up your water intake as well as taking a dip into the blue. Gradually increase your daily water intake to around 1.5 litres (more if you are exercising). I carry around a 500ml water bottle and keep refilling. If you’re not a fan of plain old water, add a squirt or wedge of lemon, lime, some mint leaves, a little cucumber… experiment to see what you really like.

Food can count towards your hydration, too – especially strawberries, melon (cantaloupe and watermelon), lettuce, celery and spinach. Fruit and veg which have at least a 70 percent water content count towards your daily recommended water intake.

And remember, you are only one glass of water away from optimum hydration and good health and I am only one email away from finally becoming a mermaid. I can only hope I’m a better mermaid than I am a swimmer!

For further information on everything swimming and blue therapy, get in touch with Camilla Golledge and see

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