Bounce your way to better muscle mass with 

Sarah Maxwell, as she explains the benefits of one of her favourite forms of exercise – trampolining 

As a child I always wanted a trampoline but it wasn’t until my twenties that I finally got one (albeit a mini one). Nowadays they are called rebounders. Of all of the fitness equipment I have owned and worked with, the rebounder has always been one of my favourites to use for myself, my children and my clients. Not only is it something that can be hidden (mine is behind my wardrobe), it’s inexpensive and the benefits will blow your mind! 

Rebounding is a great way to improve your overall health. It’s proven to improve lymphatic flow and flush out toxins. It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, but please check with your doctor first if you have any medical issues that may prevent you from giving it a go. 

All round bounce brilliance 

Bouncing increases muscle mass and tone and by doing this you will also increase your metabolism. It strengthens your heart, cells and boosts your immune system. It also greatly improves balance and posture alongside increasing bone density (from around 35 years we start to lose bone strength). Literally 100 jumps a day has a dramatic effect on increasing bone density so worth a go don’t you think? 

It’s low impact 

The shock-absorbent nature of the trampoline’s surface means that rebounding greatly reduces the impact on your joints (especially when compared to high impact exercise such as running).

More energy & happier you

It gives you a great boost to your energy and mood. Having a bounce even for just a few minutes is proven to improve concentration, lift your spirits and gives you a swift injection of endorphins to relieve stress and make you feel more grounded and greatly improves your sense of wellbeing. 

Playing your favourite uplifting song as you bounce is a great way to get your buzz back and stop you reaching for the sugary afternoon slump snack. 

Foot science 

Going barefoot is preferable to wearing training shoes when rebounding. This is because it stimulates the proprioceptors (the sensory receptors) on the sole of our feet which are responsible for posture and balance. Proprioception is the unconscious ability to sense our position and movement of our body in space. By going barefoot we become more aware of our bodies, increasing balance and ankle strength, thus decreasing the risk of falls and long term injuries as we age. 

And finally… it’s great for astronauts! 

In the 1980s NASA commissioned a study about the benefits of jumping/rebounding as part of their astronaut training program. The results of the NASA study revealed, “Rebounding is more effective in building bone and muscle mass than running”. The research, which looked at how different forms of exercise helped astronauts regain bone loss and muscle mass after time in space, found that rebounding increases oxygen uptake more than running does due to the increased g-forces.

Below are some of the reasons you may opt out of this one (I hear these regularly from clients) and my answers and tips to these concerns: 

Concern: I can’t bounce on a trampoline because it makes me want the loo etc. 

Answer: I know exactly what you mean! Firstly, go to the loo before you get on the rebounder. Wear protection (if needed), sip water but don’t go overboard during exercise. Consider doing a pelvic floor exercise program (this is for both men and women). 

Concern: I’m too big to go on that, I will break it, fall off etc

Answer: Hold onto something so you can gain confidence. Start by standing and doing some simple movements (there’s no need to bounce). A rebounder can be used in many ways and it’s worth taking time to build up gradually. Marching, balancing, standing on the rebounder and doing a light weight training routine is all good.

Lastly, I love hearing from you all so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know how it’s going. 

Sarah Maxwell is a multi award-winning weight loss, lifestyle and fitness coach. Find out more about her work…
Facebook & Instagram: @sarahmaxlife Twitter: @sarahmax100

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