Natalie Hughes – founder of eco-luxury circular skincare brand, Sacred – explains why her small-batch products should take pride of place on your revamped bathroom shelves 

How did you get involved in skincare?  

People have such an emotional relationship with beauty but it’s not always a positive one. I wanted to find some small way of helping people to take better care of themselves, one another and the planet. The relationship between nature, our skin and our health is so powerful.

What makes your lovely products stand out from the crowd?  

I love working with nature to create multi-tasking, waterless products that are kind to skin. We’re always researching the highest performing natural ingredients. The astaxanthin in our Elemental Glow Face Oil and Spring Revival Body Balm is nature’s most powerful antioxidant, yet it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

How do you keep the brand eco-aware? 

We work hard to prevent ingredients and materials from going to waste. Our repurposed ingredients are by-products from other industries and our own processes, like the organic raspberry seed oil in our Elemental Glow Face Oil and the myrica fruit wax in our luxury vegan candles.

Tell us about your Elemental Glow bath & body oil

We use natural sunlight to infuse sweet almond oil with the calming and healing properties of organic calendula flowers. We blend this with organic coconut oil, Vitamin E and our therapeutic Elemental Glow essential oils to create a luxuriously calming and nourishing bath or shower ritual. 

Do you have any bathing rituals of your own?  

I love daytime baths. It’s one of the rare times I’m not disturbed! I massage our Elemental Glow Bath & Body Oil into my upper body, add a capful to the bath, lie back and breathe deeply. In the evening, I light a candle. I love the tranquillity of candlelight.

Find out more about Sacred Skincare at and explore the range at Wealden Times Midsummer Fair this month.

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