Do you have a beauty regime? As I approach my 50th year, my beauty regime starts in the morning by looking in the bathroom mirror and thanking my life, that way I feel more beautiful with age! I have devised my own natural honey bee, two-step beauty ritual. First, I apply my honey, seaweed and aloe facial cleanser wash and, if my face is feeling particularly tired, I use it as a face pack too. I follow this with my face and body balm which is natural and nourishing both night and day. The two products together are all I need,

Do you have a particular product you couldn’t live without? My face feels lost without my face balm (also known as BEE NOURISHED) as it’s so versatile and nourishing. I made a handy travel size so I can take it everywhere. Regarding make-up, I find less is more but mascara is the key for me. I love Kevyn Aucoin mascara from Space NK. It’s light, does not smudge or flake and is easy to remove.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? I lived and worked in Bali for a year and massages and pedicures were so cheap that you had them every week so they no longer felt like a treat. To feel truly indulged, I need to receive the pampering from someone I am fond of! So, a foot massage after a long day from my partner is great and so is a facial treatment from my friend Rachel Heavens who I run pampering workshops with. In our workshops I demonstrate how to make natural skin care products while Rachel teaches the facial part. It’s pampering on another level.

Who’s your style icon? Style icons for me don’t only look good, they create good. My top two icons would be the painter Georgia O’Keeffe and installation artist Louise Bourgois. Like all female artists who have challenged the idea of conventional style or beauty through their art, they both leave a legacy in terms of femininity and identity which is timeless.

Bee Potion creates skincare products using honey from their own bees. To find out more about the range and Bee Potion’s workshops, visit

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