The running expert

Simon Paine specialises in the POSE method. A technique of running designed to enhance performance…

What is POSE running? POSE running is a standardised approach to running using current biomechanical science and physical laws, thereby resulting in a technique that can be broken down into key drills. This enhances performance whether it be running faster, further or injury free. POSE refers to the specific body positioning that we practise.

How is it beneficial in comparison to normal running? This technique differs to others as it teaches us to utilise gravity by falling forward in a particular aligned body position we call POSE, instead of pushing with our back leg. It also teaches us to reduce excessive force and energy by learning to land closer to under our centre of mass instead of putting our leg ahead of us and braking.

What happens in a POSE running session? A POSE running session consists of an initial video analysis to demonstrate the areas that might be causing problems in the client’s current running form. Then, I’ll explain some of the basic theory behind the POSE technique so they can understand its benefits. Finally, we perform fundamental drills alongside some short intervals of running that can dramatically improve their technique. A final video is done to show the improvements made.

Simon is based at Risebridge Health and Sports Club in Goudhurst and trains experienced athletes as well as beginners. For more information or to book a POSE running session, call 07912 434300 or email


The coach

Rob Hillier runs CrossFit Kent & Sussex, based in Goudhurst…

Tell us a little about CrossFit. The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad and inclusive fitness. It’s designed to best prepare you for any contingency – the unknown and the unknowable. The magic is in the movements and the workouts are based on the fundamental movement patterns of life, those found everywhere and built into our DNA. By constantly varying the workouts in terms of duration, speed, loads and movement patterns, participants experience dramatic fitness gains.

What are the benefits? The benefits are far reaching, and by combining exercise with sensible nutritional habits you quickly realise it’s not just going to transform your body shape! You’ll first notice the positive change in energy levels and motivation. All aspects of fitness are challenged. Strength, mobility, agility, balance, co-ordination, endurance, speed, power, stamina and accuracy of movement will all improve. Expect to also see improved heart health, blood sugars, blood pressure, body fat levels and mental wellbeing.

Can anyone take part? While it challenges the world’s fittest, CrossFit is designed for universal scaleability, making it perfect for anyone who’s committed, regardless of age or experience. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programmes. The needs of an athlete and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. The support and community that spontaneously arises when people train together is wonderful to see, and makes it a key component.

CrossFit Kent & Sussex is based at Risebridge Health and Sports Club. For more information on joining a class, or for a free trial call 01580 211775 or visit


The performance specialist

Dr. Danny Matta is the director of MobilityWod Tactical…

Other than just static stretching, what other ways can we mobilize our bodies? The best methods are self release techniques and band assisted joint distractions. These are two procedures that physiotherapists will use frequently when treating a patient. However, you can apply many of these to yourself regularly for a really positive long term effect. Moving more is also really important, and vital for good performance. If you want to improve your squat postition, sit in the bottom of that position more often. Our tissues adapt to those positions we put ourselves in the most.

How does good mobility/ flexibility improve our exercise and training? Optimal mobility allows you to go through movements and exercises more easily. It improves your quality of movement and allows you to not have to strain or struggle to get into certain positions. It’s like taking the handbrake off a sports car. Improve your mobility and your efficiency will improve at the same time.

As well as functionality, can it help with aches and injuries? Optimal mobility allows you to avoid problems created by over tension. This occurs when you have an injury that stems from a tissue or muscle being too tight and restricted. If you repeatedly force your body into positions you can’t reach with ease, it will eventually inflame or cause a significant injury. Mobility gives you a buffering zone, resulting in less stress on the body, and improved movement efficiency.

MobilityWod is the ultimate guide for resolving pain, preventing injury and optimizing athletic performance. To find out more about how to improve your mobility and day-to-day functionality, take a look at

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