Do you have a beauty regime? I don’t have a particular beauty regime (I’m very low maintenance!) but I always make sure that I take my make-up off at night and moisturise. I just use make-up remover wipes and any moisturiser that I happen to have to hand. I often use hand cream at bedtime as hands can be a huge age giveaway – it’s pointless having great skin on your face if your hands are wrinkled and dry.

Do you have a particular product you cannot live without? Can I have two? I couldn’t live without moisturiser as there’s nothing worse than your face feeling dry and tight. I also never leave the house without wearing black mascara as my eyelashes are quite fine and pale towards the ends which is not a good look!

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? As I said, I’m very low maintenance. I have a facial about once a year which I enjoy (although I usually fall asleep!). My ultimate treat is a long bath with a good book in peace and quiet. My youngest child is four and she will often be conducting a conversation with me through the bathroom door when I am trying to relax. Or a sneaky doze on a Sunday afternoon – again, if I have any peace to enjoy it.

Who’s your style icon? Anyone who is cool and slightly edgy. Alexa Chung always looks amazing and never puts a foot wrong fashion wise. At times I think that Kate Moss can look incredible and can put an outfit together really well. Her ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks of me’ attitude often comes through in her style.

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